Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Pallet Headboard

I love pallets !  

I love that they are free! 

I love that they are just waiting to be made into something spectacular!! 

Pallet boards sanded. 

My son and I decided it was time make a new bed.  One he could use into this teenage years and one that had a light on it for reading in bed.  

Here are the raw pallets we collected.  

 The first step was to take apart the pallets so the wood was usable. I loved the rustic look with all the nail holes.  We spent some time sanding down the wood .  

Pallet Headboard assembly 
Next step was to assemble the head-board and foot-board. We used a large piece of plywood cut to the size of the finished head-board. We nailed the pallet wood to the plywood making made sure to stagger them as they are different lengths and widths. 

Then my handy husband made a frame to go around the outside of the headboard.  This gave a finished look and stabilized it. 

The next step was to install the light and switch.  We bought an industrial light and switch from Lowe's.  

It was not wired to be a plug in lamp . So it had to be rewired to attach to the light switch on the bed then plug into the wall. 

An industrial light from Lowe's. 

Now on to the finish.  I decided the wood was too beautiful to stain . So, I took an old can of grey paint and mixed it with water.  I then rubbed it on the wood giving it an aged look.  I then sealed it with a satin polyurethane to protect it.  

I'm thrilled!! 
We used an old bed frame from a brass trundle bed to make this a trundle bed . A boy has to have room for sleepovers. 

  We just attached the wire frame to the head board and foot board.

A bed made from pallets

Now he can lay in bed , read, and then roll over and turn off the light .  zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I have been dreaming of all the things I want to create with the pallet wood sitting in my garage. 

I am hoping to get some Adirondack chairs made for the fire pit.  But, that's another day........ 


SIDENOTE: When I say " we" I mean my husband. While I am pretty handy , he really is the one that makes the assembly happen. 


Selina@CreativeJuicesDecor said...

AWESOME!!! You should make your pictures bigger so we can see all the details...it really looks amazing. Welcome to the world of blogging :-)

Robyn Smyles said...

Thank you Selina ! Great advice . Thanks for stopping by Home ~Haven !

Robyn Smyles said...

Thank you !! Great advice !!