Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Chalkboard Paint Tags

 I love chalkboard paint.
 I love Pinterest.
 I love projects on Pinterest that use chalkboard paint.

I bought cute pre-cute wooden tags at the thrift store about 18 months ago. A bargain at 50 cents for a pack of 12.  My plan was to use them for our laundry baskets. Imagine how cute the baskets would be with names on them.   But, I am not a big fan of paint brushes. So, I have been searching for chalkboard paint in a spray paint can.  FINALLY... Lowe's debuted it a few weeks ago.

I bought two cans .

This is so simple. Two coats later  I have tags . I used twine to string them and tie them to our laundry baskets.

Simple, cute and easy. My kind of project. !!


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