Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A guest room ?

I never thought a room in our home would ever acquire the title of guest room.  The fact we have 5 kids all needing a place to lay their heads and store their Lego's made this seem flat out.. well.... absurd. 

But, kids grow up and go away to college. Then they  come back ( to do laundry) . So, a guest room was a necessity. 

This is what the room looked like before.  A guest room often gets the leftovers and hand-me-downs.  

I didn't want a room that screamed "STORAGE ROOM"!   But, our budget was nonexistent. Did I mention we have three in college?  

 So, this was all about using and re-purposing what we already had . I think many families are trying to find ways to update their homes without tapping into their children's college funds to pull it off .  So..........

We had two twin beds and a side table . 

I had purchased OOPS paint a few months back because it was cheap and I can't pass up a bargain!  

Testing out the paint options.

I had this old desk that would be perfect .. if it wasn't black and scratched and ugly.  Perfect for my kids to do all their studying while home  ? (yeah right !) A fresh coat of paint and it fits right in.

So, my handy husband patched and painted the walls with a leftover gallon of  paint .  Neutral. 

 The accessories were in my decor closet .  It was fun to shop without spending a dime.  

The bedding was found at a local discount department store . Between the sale price and a coupon I paid $ 20.00 for both!

The lamp was found at a thrift store a few years ago without a shade . I found the burlap shade for a steal.  A beautiful marriage! 

I love burlap.... Especially on a lampshade.

I love this bright beautiful room. 

A guest room
 I love that it stays clean ... until the kids arrive home with their dirty laundry. 

It is still a work in progress.  I have a few things I want to add. But the fun part of decorating is slowly adding treasures you find along the way. 

Until then, I stop in a couple times during the day and smile!