Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Thrifty Laundry Room Vanity

We have spent many hours getting our laundry room remodeled .  What started out as a solution to loads of laundry all over the floor has turned into a decorating bonanza.  We have spent many hours designing, decorating and executing some great storage solutions.  It is one of my favorite places to be !!

But, when we bought the  home is was my LEAST favorite place to be! 

This is how we found the laundry room. It was large, outdated, dark, and just plain UGLY!  The cabinets were solid wood and custom made for the space. But, they were not decorative and not quality wood.  But, they provided great storage .   Do we rip them out and buy new ones or work with them?

The large ugly laundry room before renovation
When I found this great piece at a thrift store for 2.00 , I knew it would be a great bench .  I designed the shelving unit to hold all our laundry baskets.  ( Did I mention I have 5 kids? We have lots of laundry)  I also wanted  a place to store shoes ( the doors open for storage) and a place to hang book bags and coats.

The laundry room bench

As renovations go, this made the other side of the laundry room even more hideous!!   So, the next project?  The ugly dark cabinets.  

laundry room full of storage and organization

We priced out new cabinets,  used cabinets, and my handyman husband gave me his quote for new custom cabinets.  I decided to use the cabinets that came with the house.  This was cost effective and prevented further drywall repair.  The question was .. how to make them look as beautiful as the other side of the room.

So, we added base moulding to the doors, spray painted the hinges oil bronze, and added new pulls.  The little cabinet to the right is a cover ( to hide the electrical box) made from an old shutter.   The result ? Cabinets that look like raised panel doors.

laundry room cabinet face lift

This made the ugly cheap sink look uglier!! But, the vanity was an odd size.   So, it seemed only right to design a new custom vanity.  But, I needed to do this CHEAP!!  After all , it needs a vanity top !

Disclaimer - renovation breeds renovation !!

So, I found cabinet doors at a local resale center for 1.00 a piece .    I bought 6 ( That project will be shared later )  Can you see the restraint I showed?

I gathered moulding and plywood that was left over from the cabinet project,  used decorative legs off an old side table that I bought for 2.00 at a yard sale, and drew up a plan for my handy husband .

The results....Well, its not quite finished but I couldn't wait to share it.

custom built vanity
Oh , I love it!! ( See first picture of the ugly grey sink ) Now, to find a vanity top so we can finish it !

But, as renovation has it, we are not done!  There was a strange odd shelf above the washer and dryer that just made me crazy. Its too small to hold anything and serves no purpose but to fuel my creative side.
( see the first picture) 

The results ?  I decided to add moulding that I found at the resale store to make it look like part of the upper cabinets.  I paid 75 cents for the moulding and wood to make the brackets.  What a bargain!

A little paint and it looks like the shelf was always suppose to be there!

laundry room cabinet with shelf
Laundry room cabinet with shelf.

I love my laundry room!!

On to the next design project!!



French Hen Farm said...

Great job!! it looks wonderful!
And what bargains you found!
Love it!
Have a great week!

Thomas said...

Fabulous job ! You should post your pictures on

You have amazing vision!

MeliCrowder said...

That was an AMAZING transformation! It looks so much more useful and inviting too!!

PINKRAGE said...

WOW.. great job!