Friday, December 2, 2011

Thrifty Christmas Decor

The leftovers from Thanksgiving are a distant memory . We are "officially"allowed to play Christmas music, shop for gifts and  decorate our homes for Christmas.  Decorating your home can be done on a budget with beautiful results !!  
Fresh cut tree trimmings make a beautiful door wreath.
Your front door is a great place to welcome friends and family.  This wreath was made from cuttings from our Christmas tree.  There are always a extra branches at the bottom that need to be trimmed to make way for gifts.  Bundle them with wire, add some artificial berries and ribbon and you have a beautiful bundle !! 

HINT~~ Your local hardware store trims Christmas trees all day long for customers.  They have a huge pile of cuttings that are thrown away. They are FREE !!This is the key to decorating your home for Christmas on a budget . Grab a huge buggy full and load up. The smell is amazing !! 

Here are a few ways I used the clippings to decorate our home.

Christmas mantle
Decorating your mantle with fresh greenery adds color, texture and an amazing evergreen scent.

Your staircase is a great place to add garland.
Fresh garland is expensive .  Here is an easy way to make your artificial garland look and smell like the real thing.  Hang your garland and "fluff" the branches.  Then, trim some smaller branches from your free tree cuttings and tuck them into the garland.   Then add cuttings from holly bushes, wired ribbon, and ornaments of your choice.  Its looks and smells wonderful.  Best part is it can be packed away for next year !

Christmas potpourri adds texture and scent to your home.
Gather evergreen, potpourri, and a snowflake ornament and display it in a beautiful silver bowl.

Christmas wreath
A Christmas wreath is easily decorated with fresh cut holly berries, artificial berries, and a big wired ribbon. 

A beautiful holiday centerpiece.
Your table is a great place to decorate for the holidays.  This iron centerpiece was decorated for the holidays with fresh trimmings from the tree branches, mini red glass ornaments, snowflake ornaments, and white pearls. Simple and elegant.

Decorating your home for the holidays should be simple and inexpensive!  I hope these ideas encourage you to try some creative decorating !! 

Merry Christmas, 


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very cool, Robyn! thanks for sharing!

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