Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Updating Outdated Cabinets on a budget

I love my laundry room.  I spend so much time in there , I should!  I love the custom shelving and bench storage unit that we built a few months ago . ( See prior post on how we built this unit) 

A great place to hand book bags, store laundry baskets, and shoes .

The next project was updating the cabinets.  We inherited them in this condition when we bought the house and while they are very large, sturdy ,and offer lots of storage space... they are UGLY and OUTDATED.
Old outdated cabinets that need a budget update.  
 The first thing I did when we moved in a few years ago was to paint them .   While this helped , it was still not my dream cabinets!  But, it gave me time to think about what I really wanted .  Demo or update?

 I have been thinking about how I wanted to update this area of the laundry room for awhile.  I wanted to get rid of the hinges and install hidden hinges.  After trying a dozen different hinge types, I realized this was not an option  unless we built  new doors.  ( think thrifty)  So, I decided to work with what I had and use the existing hinges.  But the doors were made of thin plywood.  So , off the the hardware store to find some inexpensive moulding to "dress up " these doors.

I brought home moulding samples to see what would work on the cabinets. 
I found the base moulding gave me the look I wanted.  I loved that it was  one of the most inexpensive items in the bin at the hardware store.   I have found if I do all the leg work and design, my handyman husband is very willing to do all the labor .  So, I arrived home with moulding, chaulk, primer, paint, and design in hand. 

The cabinets look great after the moulding is installed.  I love it. 
The moulding installed , caulk applied, primer and paint applied and the results are better than expected.  I sprayed the silver hinges an oil bronzed finish .  Hinges worked but were not the right finish .

I love the look of the updated cabinets.   
Thanks to my handyman husband for all hard work.  I love that we didn't have to do demo ( so is my husband) and that the total cost of materials was under 30.00 !!! We had the primer and paint from the built in cabinets he made for the laundry baskets. So, it was just moulding and new pulls for the doors.  SCORE!!!

Gradually we are updating the room. The next project  in the room ? The sink area.  I have collected an under-mount sink that I bought 2 years ago as a display for 20.00 and a faucet at a yard sale for 5.00.

The next project in the laundry room? The sink !   

 I just need that special cabinet to fit next to the washer and dryer.  I am thinking an old dresser ?  A good excuse to go junking ;)  Stay tuned.....................