Thursday, February 17, 2011

A garden and a garden gate

The latest project is a vegetable garden.  Its been on my list for a few years but my lack of how to get started had prevented me from diving in and making this my next project. While I grew up with my Dad caring for a huge garden,  I was not known to work the garden.  My Dad's experience came in handy this week .

The vegetables were only a small part of my vision.  You see, the designer in me went right into "designing the garden"

We have spent a few weekends  clearing our property and it occurred to me that the trees are not only great for firewood but would make a gorgeous garden fence. The price cant be beat--- FREE~!!
 We used wooden pegs to attach the railings to the fence posts.

The next phase is to make a gate and a trellis in the entrance of the garden.  

It's been a creative, productive, fun week!!

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