Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A new pantry

Storage is always an issue.
Is there ever enough space for our STUFF? Many think they need a bigger home or an addition to accommodate the stuff.  But, the reality is you probably have the space  already in your home.  This laundry room is off the kitchen and is under utilized.  It is a good size room but it didn't have the correct storage to help in organizing the space .

After sitting down with the  homeowner ,  it was clear the laundry room was going to be a perfect spot to incorporate  storage for laundry baskets, hanging clothes, household items, and food storage.  I drew up plans and after 2 revisions, we were ready for the fun to begin.
The installation has begun . Time for moulding and paint.
There is hanging space for the laundry, 5 large areas to store laundry baskets,  area for larger household items, and many shelves for food pantry items.

This shelving area is designed to hold food storage items like canned goods, cereal and boxed goods.
The entrance to the laundry room - new pantry.

Most homes have hidden spaces that can be used for storage.  Take a look around your home with a fresh view.  Donate , purge, and organize!!

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