Monday, September 13, 2010

A new kitchen for an old home.

Ok, so it's time I come clean.

 I love renovation, demolition, and remodeling. 

It must be in my blood. Our real estate agent loves to show us homes. The outdated, ugly, and sad homes are the ones we "ohh and ahh " over. 

When everyone else runs away... we run straight to the settlement table.  We bought a foreclosure on 3+ acres almost 4 years ago . 

In the past 4 years , this has become our home.  Who would of thought giving up 2000 sq feet ( yes.... you read it right... 2000 sq feet less than our previous home ) would simplify our lives? 

Who would of thought that 3+ acres would give our family room to enjoy time together.  Horseshoe games, bone fires, and a big front porch that has been home to many hours together.  Go figure! But, its true. This home has shown me that smaller really is better.  Its cozy , warm , and lends to great family time. 

 But, a small cramped outdated kitchen does not make for a happy mother of 5.   The heart of the home is really the kitchen. We cook, eat, do homework, and share our lives around the island.  I spend  a lot of time there. So, that was top of the list.

 But, my goal, was to do this on a very low budget.  After all, we had to add a master suite to this home. 7 people +3 bedrooms = a need for a master suite.

 So, the challenge was ........ drum roll........ a kitchen for under 5k!!  The exciting part is........ I did it for 2100.00!!! I surprised myself.   Never say never. 

Did I say I loved demo? Well, this was a big job.  There was a full bath between the family room and kitchen. My goal was to take it out, open it up, and relocate the bathroom. 

A sea of cabinets.  We bought unfinished off the shelf oak cabinets that could be finished (thanks to my free labor) I drew out a new layout, bought the cabinets, and set out to paint .

The finished product. I love being in my kitchen.  Brent did an amazing job adding a great detail above the stock cabinets to make them look built in. We found a ceramic tile that looked like travertine ( without the maintenance ) for the back splash .

I drew up some plans for the island.  I wanted open shelving ( hidden) where I could store pottery, serving dishes, and just have some extra storage.

I am so happy with the finished product.  It just goes to show you you don't need a big budget to get the kitchen of your dreams.  Just some elbow grease, thrifty shopping, and some imagination.

What an amazing experience.  The renovation bug hit and I was ready for the next one!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Beautiful work, and for so little $! You guys rock.