Friday, September 24, 2010

Closet Expansion

We bought our home almost 4 years ago.  It was an abandoned foreclosure home in need of everything! Brent and I often wonder are we the only ones that love a home that smells, is run down, and in need of a complete face lift? We love the challenge and creative process.  We spent a year gutting our home, adding a master bedroom suite over the existing garage, and finishing the basement.  New everything.  But, when it came to the master bedroom closet we were nearing the end of the reno and were reading to move in. So, we scraped the design to finish the attic space above the garage and made our closet smaller.  Fast forward a few years and here we are diving head first into a closet remodel.  We had a garage full of materials and free labor.  I went to work designing and Brent went to work creating.

Here is the closet before opening up the wall.

We break through the drywall to the unfinished attic space above the garage. The existing closet didn't have a window and was very closed in and dark.

Ahh.. light.  We are adding recessed areas that will have hanging and shelving storage.  It will also have an access door behind the hanging clothes to get to the seasonal storage in the recessed areas of the closet.

I had plans of adding a window seat under the existing window but that would have taken away from the hanging storage so we decided to nix that plan. 
I am excited to have all this extra storage and lots of light in our closet!

Stayed tuned.............................

 The closet expansion  is complete.  With the addition of lots of hanging space, built in shelves and lots of light this was a great renovation.

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Anonymous said...

Love the expansion....Brent is the Man, doing all that Drywall work. I know how much he LOVES Drywall...LOL