Saturday, August 21, 2010

A new laundry room

Laundry breeds. 5 kids produce loads of laundry. I am often asked how many loads of laundry I do a week. I count it in days.... 3 loads a day. This means I spend much of my day in my laundry room. When we bought our home, it had a huge laundry room. A big room with ugly cabinets and nothing going for it. No place to put all the baskets, book bags, and dirty clothes. I sat down did a few sketches of what I needed and handed it over to my handy husband. On one of my many days of junking, I found a great piece of furniture for 3.00. It was perfect to use as a bench . The rest would be build around it. I wanted a place where I could store 5 baskets of clean folded clothes that I would not trip over en route to switching the laundry. I wanted it to be warm and welcoming. Welcoming enough it would draw my kids in so they would do their own laundry. SUCCESS!! It is one of our families favorite rooms.

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