Sunday, August 29, 2010

Junking ~Thrifting ~Treasurehunting

Junking - The hunt for treasure that others have discarded as junk. The action of searching for unique objects that make your life complete.

I have been "junking" for over 22 years.  I love a bargain and love the hunt.  I love to see the potential in the stuff that others see as unusable. My home and closets are filled with "junk". Junk I lovingly call "treasures" .  I love that feeling of euphoria when I find that special something I have been searching for for months .A treasure that completes the room or starts a new remodeling project. It is about having a vision for a room and collecting . But, sometimes it is just about buying something you love and finding a place for it.

I believe your home should be a reflection of you.  It should tell your story . It should be a place that makes you sigh when you walk in the door. It should beckon you back after a long day away.

Here are a few of my favorite finds..... 

This is our dining room. The hutch was my grandfathers and still smells like his home when you open the cabinet.  The silver serving pieces and white pottery on the shelves were all collected on junking trips.  I saw a picture of a hutch similar to this one and started on my hunt. Most pieces were found for under 2.00. The birdhouses and rooster on top were both found at a thrift store for .50 cents each. SCORE! The pictures I made from a wallpaper border that was on clearance.  I simply cut it out, crackled the wood , glued it on and decoupaged the whole thing.  Four art pieces for 2.50! The table was a gift from my mother in law ( I refinished it) and we bought the chairs from an unfinished furniture store and stained them to match the table. We always have 7-10 people at the table . The chandelier I found , without the shades, at my favorite thrift store for 3.00. I added shades from a discount store and it was perfect.

I love hot bubble hots !!  But, I needed softer lightening above the tub.  I found this chandelier for 1.50! It needed the glass globes . I found them on a separate junking trip for 3.00.  My handy husband installed a new outlet in the ceiling and I was happily soaking in a bubble bath that evening!

 This is one of my favorite functional finds.  An old frame ! I wanted something to hang my jewelry on that made getting dressed easier.  Often times I forgot was was hidden in my jewelry box .  My sweet husband took wire and attached it to the back and hung it for me.  I love it !!

A find that has no home.  I found this very sweet old tole chandelier for 3.00 and had to take it home. I have not found a place for it yet.  But, I loved the daisies .  Turns out it is worth  a lot more than what I paid.

A good day of junking!!  

There is just something wonderful about heading out  in search of specific treasures!  I have so many other treasures through my home but this blog only holds so many .  But, so many  things  hold wonderful memories of junking with my mom or daughter.  So , if you see my red suburban full of JUNK , you know its been a good day.


Tara said...

Robyn you are always so full of inspiration. whether it's keeping a beautiful home or embracing your smiling family you are living life with all your heart. Thanks for sharing. I have a free day this week and I am going "junking"!

Robyn Smyles said...

I love it! Thank you Tara. Cant wait to hear all about the treasures you find.

Robyn Smyles said...

Ohhhh.. junking is calling my name!